Lifestyle – We Simply like to Gossip! Wed, 12 Apr 2017 20:57:37 +0000 en-GB hourly 1 Check Out The One Thing Efya Desires In Life Tue, 25 Apr 2017 20:49:24 +0000 Efya who has always indicated that she’s single, in an interview on Class FM’s ‘E on Class’ with Natalia, stated that she has the desire to give birth and have a family.

efya ghana

According to her, she believes in family and hopes to be a great mother in future. She, however, indicated that she isn’t ready at the moment but when she is, she’ll drop the baby like she drops her singles.

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When asked if she’ll get married, Efya responded by saying that she doesn’t know. The “Little Things” singer indicated that marriage is not something she’s thought about and it’s not really on her mind because for now, she’s only focusing on her career.


Anyway, for the guys, we have good news and bad news. The good news is that Efya is still single, the bad news is that she’s not searching.

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‘I proposed to my girlfriend—and then called off the wedding’ Thu, 20 Apr 2017 16:11:09 +0000 Ending an engagement is more than just a plot twist in primetime TV. That so many things happens in real life, too.

But that doesn’t mean it’s any less dramatic. Calling off a wedding is, obviously, a big deal, and the decision to do so isn’t one that most people take lightly. That’s especially true if the person who calls off the wedding is the same one who popped the question in the first place.

We asked a few guys who called off their weddings why they did it—and what happened next.

Allow them to explain.

The Guy Who Felt Replaceable

“The relationship I had with my ex was great for the most part. I loved her and still do today, right this minute, actually. But it just wasn’t going to work. She knew a lot more about what she wanted out of life than I did by the time we hit our late twenties.

She wanted to get married and have kids before she turned 30. So my decision to propose was reactionary to a series of conversations we had about whether I wanted to marry her and if I wanted to have kids with her. I figured this was what I wanted or would want, even though I hadn’t exactly planned on getting it all going when I was still figuring out my career and things like that. But at the time that didn’t seem like reason enough to not propose. So I did, she said yes, and then about three months later I called it off, right before she decided to buy a dress she’d found.

“I was honestly kind of pissed about how I felt like she had kind of given me an ultimatum—like, ‘Propose or lose me forever, and I’ll start a family with another guy.’ She never said as much, but it felt implied. It made me feel replaceable, I guess.

“It didn’t end well. She told me I should have talked with her about all these things before putting a ring on her finger, and she was right. Her parents gave me a bunch of shit, too, because they were weirdly hell-bent on their daughter getting married. Her brother messaged me on Facebook and threatened to beat my ass.

“We haven’t really spoken much since I moved all my stuff out of the apartment we shared. I called things off about a year-and-a-half ago, and she’s getting married this summer. I don’t know how to feel about that, but I guess I feel like it’s better him than me.” —Dylan W.

The Guy Who Met Someone Else

“I had been engaged for a few months to a beautiful, amazing, and intelligent woman I’d been with since college. We’d both moved to New York after school, living together the entire time. When I proposed, we’d been together for over four years. I just assumed she was the girl for me, which is why I proposed. I started a new job a few months before I proposed, and not long after they hired this woman that I felt an immediate attraction to. I can’t really explain it. It’s not like she was any better than my fiancé, but I developed feelings I couldn’t control.

“I ended up cheating with this woman one night after work. Then it happened again. After that, I came clean to my fiancé and also told her that we shouldn’t get married. She said something like, ‘Well, you cheated on me. Of course I’m not going to marry you.’ I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to be with this girl from work or not at the time, but I couldn’t get married when I had feelings for someone else. And I couldn’t avoid telling my fiancé what I’d done.

“After that, I moved out and my ex hasn’t talked to me since. She pretty much booted me out of her life, and I understand why. I lost a lot of friends, too. I bet eventually we’ll have to go to the same wedding or something and that is going to be very awkward. It didn’t end up working out with the girl from work. We weren’t right for one another and my guilt got in the way too. I haven’t dated seriously since.” —Peter G.

The Guy Who Had Severe Anxiety

“Calling off my wedding wasn’t a knee-jerk reaction. It was something I started thinking about a few weeks after I popped the question while we were on vacation. I had extreme anxiety over it. I know that most people experience something like this, but it was taking over my entire life. It’s one thing to be nervous, but I was a complete wreck. I wasn’t looking forward to my wedding at all.

“I talked with some friends and family about it, and I eventually decided that these things I was feeling probably meant I wasn’t ready to get married yet. When I had this conversation with my girlfriend, she pointed out that I should have thought about all of this before I decided to buy a ring and propose. I had, or I thought I had, because when I proposed I felt like I was doing the right thing. I told her I wanted to stay together, but she said, ‘If you don’t want to marry me now, I can’t wait around for you to be ready.’

“That moment hurt a lot, but it was also the truth. It wasn’t fair for me to keep dragging her along with me if I didn’t know when I’d be ready to fully commit. We’d been together four years and change by then. When you’re in your thirties, you don’t want to wait another four for someone to maybe or maybe not propose again.

“After that we didn’t talk for a long time. Now we’re in touch if we have to be, but we’re not friends. We just have a lot of the same people in our lives, so we put up with each other. I think I made the right decision. I’d rather have called off the engagement than have gotten married when I wasn’t ready and end up divorced.” —Harry J.

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Girl, 15 infected with AIDS narrates story Thu, 20 Apr 2017 16:07:08 +0000 Fatima Kabir, a 15-year-old ex-wife of the factional leader of Boko Haram, Maman Nur, said she was infected with HIV/AIDS after she was forced to have marathon sex with many sect members at the group’s Sigil Huda camp, Sambisa Forest.

Kabir and her 14-year-old accomplice, Amina Shua’ibu were arrested by officers of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), Borno State command on Friday night. At the time of her arrest, she was also discovered to be two months pregnant for a sect member.

Kabir told The Nation in an interview in Maiduguri, Borno capital, that she was an ex-wife wife to Nur and that she was introduced to the group by her brother, Ibrahim Fadagana, in 2013.
“My brother took us from Maiduguri to Sambisa forest where he introduced us to Abubakar Shekau. Things did not go well at the camp as most of the people did not like Shekau’s brutal treatment of abductees and sect members in the camp. There was a lot of death in the camp. Children died of dehydration and malnutrition.

“So, there was a lot of disagreement between Shekau and Mamman Nur and Nur refused to accept Shekau’s policies. So they broke up. My brother (Fadagana) was a close friend to Mamman Nur, so he stood as my father and got me married to him (Mamman Nur). I was married to him in 2013. I was 12 years old at the period,” she said.

Kabir lamented her experience as Mamman Nur’s wife: “On the wedding night, Mamman Nur forced himself into me and destroyed my vagina. He infected me with Vesico V*ginal Fistulae (VVF). I was sick for a while, but I became better.

“In that same year, 2013, he left me to participate in an arms and military training program in Libya. I couldn’t wait for him, so I immediately got married to Habib, a member from Bauchi State.

“Habib later ran away because he was marked for execution. He was suspected to be an informant for the Nigerian government. So he deserted me and absconded from the camp.

“I later got married again to one Ali Bama. He was not a Commanding Officer. He was just an ordinary member like the others. Until her arrest in Maiduguri, Bama took good care of her. “He has protected me and provided food for me at our Sagil Huda camp in Sambisa Forest. I am presently carrying his two months pregnancy,” she revealed.

Life in Sagil Huda was very difficult “especially for us (women),” stressed Kabir. “The men always sleep in the afternoon and do marathon sex with all the girls for the whole night. Only those that are married are safe.

“At a point I became sick, so a French doctor came to check on me. He gave me some drugs and said I must be taking it from time to time.

“I learnt that I was infected with HIV/AIDS. I don’t know if I got it from the marathon s*x or from the three husbands I married.

My Kabir said she fled Sagil Huda in the wake of the Nigerian Military Joint Task Force (JTF)’s military assault on their base in Sambisa Forest.

“We ran away from Sagil Huda because the army came and stormed our camp and killed many of our members. Right now, my mission is to go and meet my brother Fadagana, he is at Kangarwa with Mamman Nur. I have Mamman Nur’s phone number, I have been communicating with him. My plan is to go and meet him,” she said.

Kabir and Shu’aibu were arrested at the motor park in Maiduguri after Shu’aibu’s husband abandoned them there on the pretext of getting an accommodation for them in the state capital.

Ibrahim Abdullahi, the NSCDC Commandant, Borno State Command, stated that Kabir’s case is a clear indication that HIV/AIDS has hit Boko Haram’s camp. He bemoaned Kabir’s predicament, stressing that she was very hostile at her arrest.

She reportedly called NSCDC operatives at the state command “infidels waiting to die and go to hell.”

“She will be handed over to the military for proper investigation,” he said.

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10 Things guys love most about dating short women Thu, 20 Apr 2017 16:01:05 +0000

On the whole, guys really don’t have super-strong preferences about height. If you’re dating in the first place, it means he’s probably thrilled with whatever it is you bring to the table as far as vertical orientation goes.

But for guys who happen to be dating shorter women, these things are a pretty great bonus.

1. It makes guys look taller. Even a man of average height will look much taller next to a short girl. It’s great for photos, it’s great when entering a room or just standing around. Call it insecurity, call it toxic masculinity, but we like appearing tall, and there’s no better way to look tall than to hang out around short people. Well, that or actually be tall.

2. You’re easier to cuddle. Forget about wrapping you up in our arms, we can wrap you up in one arm and still have one free to eat chicken nuggets or something. Everyone wins here.

3. We can pick you up and carry you to bed. Did you fall asleep in our arm while we were watching Netflix together? No problem. We can just pick you up and carry you to bed without worrying about smashing your head on a doorway or something. It also means we can get you out of a nightclub if you’re too drunk or if there’s a fire.

4. It makes us feel helpful. We don’t even have to be that tall. Getting dishes out of a high cabinet or reaching for things when you’re shopping make us feel necessary. This might be the only thing we bring to the table as far as this relationship is concerned.

5. We get more space in the bed. We can put our feet on your side of the bed and you won’t even know. It’s like we basically got three-quarters of a bed instead of half.

6. The sex position possibilities. Nothing is off-limits. If we can imagine it, we can do it. Sex becomes less like two people humping away and more like an elaborate, erotic figure-skating competition. We’re tossing you up in the air, spinning you around, and holding you upside-down by the ankles.

7. Everything she does is adorable. Of course, we could never say that out loud or you’d punch us, but it’s true.

8. It makes for perfect hugs. You hug us right around the waist, and the top of your head doesn’t even clear our neck. We don’t have to worry about you headbutting us in the lip or something.

9. We always have someone to fit into tiny spaces. Whether that means reaching down behind the couch to get the remote or crawling through a collapsed mineshaft to get help after we’re trapped, having someone small is always a plus.

10. It makes it easy to hide presents. Is her birthday coming up but her gift came early? Top shelf in the closet. We can rest easy knowing she’ll never find it, even if she snoops.

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10 Everyday habits to improve your relationship Thu, 20 Apr 2017 15:59:15 +0000 No matter how solid your relationship, there’s always room for improvement. You love your significant other, and you know there’s value in trying to better your life together. So, it’s time to make that bond even stronger.

Here are 10 everyday habits you never knew could improve your relationship.

Focus on what your partner does right:  Pet peeves are a real thing, and your partner is bound to trigger yours from time to time.

If you look for things your partner does wrong, you can always find something. If you look at what he or she does right, you can always find something, too. It all depends on what you want to look for. Happy couples accentuate the positive.

Spanking each other: Little love taps throughout the day are nice, but that’s not exactly what we’re talking about here. Sure, giving your partner a pat on the bum lets them know you care, but you may be surprised at just how beneficial it can be. In fact, upping your spanking game to the next level just may help you bond more with your partner.

Work out together: You know exercising is good for your heart but did you know doing it with your partner is also good for your relationship? Romantic relationships thrive on all sorts of feel-good hormones.

So, given all the endorphins released during a good sweat session, it’s only natural the positive effects of your workout will trickle on over into your love life.

Kiss often: Small but mighty, even a simple peck on the cheek goes a long way. You’re conveying to your partner how much you love them, even when the two of you are just hanging out.

In fact, kissing often is directly linked to relationship satisfaction. So, if you and your partner have been distant lately, now you have more than enough reason to lock lips more often.

Communicate using your partner’s love language: We all have our preferences when it comes to how we show our love for someone else. More importantly, knowing not only your own but also your partner’s, love language is key in any relationship.

Even if you know your own love language, it’s imperative you know your partner’s, as well. Be sure you’re communicating your love for them using their preferred language, rather than your own.

Compliment each other: Who doesn’t love a good compliment? And one that comes from your significant other? Well, there’s nothing better than that. Doling out praise can go a long way for your relationship, too. Don’t fight the feeling to tell your partner just how great you think they are.

Show some PDA: Too much PDA can be irritating, but just the right amount could end up improving your relationship. So, go ahead and hold your partner’s hand when you’re shopping in the mall or snuggle up to them when you’re at the movies with your friends. A little PDA can go a long way.”

Go to bed at the same time: Fostering closeness with your boo is key. And one way to improve your bond is by switching up your bedtime routine. It’s important to make a point of hitting the hay at the same time as your partner. Some extra cuddle time certainly never hurts.

Kill your TV: OK, so we know turning your brain off at the end of a long day is necessary. And watching your favourite show with your significant other is even better.

But, there’s something to be said about turning the TV off and taking the time to connect with your partner. Ditching the TV time helps the two of you connect.

Cook dinner at home: Going out to restaurants is nice, but eating in is good, too. Not only will it save you money, but you’ll also be able to enjoy a cozy night in — just the two of you. So, the next time you’re tempted to hit the town, opt for cooking a new dish together.

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Love is cardinal but love is not enough Thu, 20 Apr 2017 15:57:34 +0000

Do not just invest in the future, do also invest for the future. A relationship needs a lot of love to stand; it also needs a lot of planning to sustain.

This planning must derive from sacrifice, discipline, accountability, realistic expectations, and a firm belief in miracles.

Love doesn’t put food on the table… Money does. Yet it is love that fuels the desire, passion and resolve to work diligently in order to take care of your own.

Love inspires you to plan… Planning inspires you to invest for the future… Investments add value to the life you live in the future and protects you from the frustrations and disillusionments caused by the failings of the past.

Love is not eaten… It is experienced. It’s not food, it’s an emotion whose voice the heart longs to hear and whose presence the body longs to feel. Yet when the heart is filled with it, the stomach will still be empty, the bills still won’t be paid.

Live a balanced life… Don’t blame love for things your sacrifice, discipline and accountability could have taken care of. And believe in miracles, because sometimes even hard work cannot take you there…

Set your priorities right. One who allows himself or herself become distracted by love is one who is capable of violating principles he is supposed to keep.

There are certain boundaries we must not cross and it takes maturity and lots of discipline to know these boundaries and when it has become imperative to step on our brakes.

Interestingly, we laugh at people who struggle with making sure that love doesn’t take more than it should, but this is a situation capable of happening to the best of us.

From situations as simple as staying up beyond your designated sleep time chatting, that you wake up tired and sickly; to lying that you are sick just to stay off work or school, just so you can be with that person.

It even gets more stupid, to defrauding your office so you can buy her a handbag or give him money to add to his ailing business; or giving him your school fees in order for him to buy a spare tyre for his car.

Love should not be the reason for anyone to live a life that is not balanced. Love must not be blamed when we are unable to live the kind of life that will fetch us a more certain future, neither should the people we love be blamed for the challenges we end up struggling with when we misplace priority in the name of love.

Love is not enough. Love by itself is incapable of making a relationship work. So you must always ask yourself

• What are you capable of doing in the name of love?

• Those things you are capable of doing in the name of love, are they constructive or destructive to your future?

• Are you giving love more time than it deserves?

• If you are giving love more time than it deserves, to who or what does the time you are giving to love belong to?

• Do you see how the one or thing you are stealing time from (to give to love) suffering?

• What do you need to do in order to correct the situation?

• What do you stand to lose if you correct the situation?

Always remember, that anytime you violate a principle you know you ought to respect and keep, then love has become a distraction. Deal with it NOW before it destroys you.

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Many pretty young ladies act ‘very silly’, later struggle for husbands – Otabil Thu, 20 Apr 2017 15:08:13 +0000 “A lot of ladies become very silly in their youth when they have abundance of beauty and make very silly mistakes about their future,” Pastor Mensa Otabil has said.

Using ladies’ beauty as an example to teach his congregation about the need for people to make good use of their opportunities and potentials in times of abundance, in anticipation of scarcity in the future, the founder and general overseer of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), said “abundance comes, maybe when you have abundance of beauty. …Sometimes you see an 18-year-old, 19-year-old, 20-year-old young lady going out with a 55-year-old man. You have abundance of beauty, but you are not harnessing your moment well because one of these days, you’ll be 35[-years-old] and at 35, you’d realise: ‘Wow, I wasted my time on that old man!’ Now every young man who should have married you, thinks you are old, used, and discarded. That’s when people [ladies] start going to church, worshipping, fasting and praying and hoping that God will turn things around”

“Abundance becomes abundance of strength, abundance of beauty, abundance of job opportunities – when you have so much, people are giving you jobs or abundance of time, when you are young, you have so much time, or abundance of popularity. Don’t ever deceive yourself that the years of abundance will be forever. There will be a year of scarcity as predictable as the years of abundance are,” the motivational speaker warned.

He, therefore, advised young people to use prudently, whatever they have in abundance to cushion themselves against the days of scarcity. “Don’t be wasteful; don’t spend all your money on perishable and depreciating commodities – spending money buying cars, buying clothes, which devalue over time, and not appreciate in value. Be wise,” he urged.

Dr Otabil observed that the failure by showbiz celebrities and sports stars in doing so, is what plunges them from grace to grass later in life. “You know, when I see all these celebrities showing off their cars and their bling bling, they haven’t learnt from people like Mike Tyson…, they haven’t learnt from great footballers and great athletes, great sportsmen, great musicians, who had so much, but have nothing now. The same mistakes, they are not like the ant. Foolishness is being passed on from generation to generation,” observed Pastor Otabil.

According to him, politicians also commit the same mistake. “People sometimes don’t learn, I’ve seen politicians get into office and feel very powerful and get out of office and feel very miserable. They are not wise. When they have the abundance they think it will be there forever. Well, you win power and you lose power too. You go into office and you get out of office, it’s a cycle, seasons will come and go…there are people who used to be popular in the news, 10 years ago. Nobody hears about them [now]; next time you see them on the road and they are wearing ‘chale wote’ [flip-flops] and struggling with people for ‘trotro’ [commercial minibus], and you say: ‘Oh but that guy used to be so and so!’ Oh yeah, they thought they’ll be so and so forever! And started behaving with their mental faculties deposited in safe deposit banks.

“Learn from the ant and learn wisdom: … it doesn’t waste in the harvest, it harnesses. That’s the first thing about the ant and then the ant builds supplies for the lean season, the ant eats for the summer and saves for the winter. It builds stock for itself so that the season of scarcity will not lead it to hunger and deprivation.

“There’s going to be a lean season in your life, believe you me. If you’re a man, there’ll be a time when you are not strong; if you’re a young lady, there’ll be a time when you’re no longer beautiful. I mean we believe you’re all beautiful by faith, but the facts will not favour you. The reality of life will hit you. You’re not going to be beautiful forever, you’re not going to be strong forever, you’re not going to have all the time you have forever, you are not going to have all the money you have forever, you are not going to have that position forever, you may lose that position.”

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Most sudden death is not JUJU its heart attack – please read below Tue, 18 Apr 2017 20:34:08 +0000 Worried by the increasing cases of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) and related deaths in the country, an American-trained cardiologist and medical director of United Heart Hospital and Clinic, Lagos, Dr. Eugene Nwosu, has proffered solutions.
CVD is a class of diseases that involve the heart or blood vessels. Nwosu, a Diplomate American Board of Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Diseases, told The Guardian that eating proper diets, exercising regularly and early detection could curtail the adverse effects of the scourge.
His words: “We have to educate people on the risk factors of heart diseases; in this environment high blood pressure is a big issue and people should know their family history. There are people it runs in their family, and then you have to be proactive. In the early days infectious diseases are the big killers, but with people leaving the villages for urban city, nobody wants to walk again.

“How many people are eating vegetables? Diet is important. Healthier environments are very active. They walk up to 17,000 steps a day. We need to cut back on the sugary stuffs and smoking.
Nigerians are beginning to gain weight and it is a sign of bad metabolic syndrome. By teaching people preventive measures they can decrease the scourge.” The specialist insisted that prevention is the best thing. “When you wait to get the disease it might be too late.

The most important thing is for people to know how to prevent heart disease and awareness is very important,” he said. The doctor also said that people might be having angina because their arteries are clogged up.
Angina or rather chest pain is a warning sign of heart disease, and recognizing it and getting treated early may prevent a heart attack. “They think its indigestion; they stay home taking antacid, without knowing it is heart disease.
The key is that if you want to have a heart attack, and you recognise it and show up early, the heart attack might be aborted. If you go to the right doctor that knows what to do, they will prevent it and treat you without having heart damage,” Nwosu said.

Nwosu added: “if your artery is clogged up completely, no blood flow, that is the onset of heart attack. If you can open those arteries within four hours the damage will be minimal. The earlier you arrive the better it will be. If you are having a severe chest pain and you show up in the right heart centre and the arteries opened, you will be completely fine, if you show up 12hours late it is going to affect you, and your activities. Prevention is very important and then educating people of the signs so as to get early treatment. Superior doctor prevents but the inferior doctor cures.”

He revealed that Nigeria is catching up with the Western world in the area of heart disease due to change in eating habits. Nwosu, a team player, who believes in community outreach, said the situation in Nigeria over the years in the area of health care has gone down due to lack of funding and poor infrastructure. Nwosu, with the zeal to serve his fatherland returned after 33 years of postgraduate medical training and cardiology practice in the United States of America (U.S.) because he believes he can make a difference in his specialty of cardiovascular diseases.

He said: “I know the need here and this stage in my life I need to come back home. We have a foundation called Goodness and Mercy that is doing medical missions and we have extended to Ghana. I hear about medical tourism. People are going to Indian, South Africa, Europe, America United Kingdom (UK), and Germany just for care. It does not make any sense; we have a lot of Nigeria professionals in America and UK. The numbers are huge and most of us are successful and we have talents.”

On what informed the establishment of the hospital, Nwosu added: “Two years ago, I decided to make the move; the idea is to bring cardiovascular care to this community. It is going to be a full service hospital, we will provide all the cardiology test and treatment available and more importantly we will be the first chest pain centre in Lagos actually in Nigeria. People with chest pain can come here for diagnosis and take their treatment. We plan to do cardiology procedures, though a few of them cannot be done here. My hope is that in future we will be able to encourage other Nigerian professionals to come home.

“In spite of all the challenges and negative news there is still life in Nigeria and you can make a difference. We want to practise cardiology same level we practise in UK and US. We will not bring down the standard, we will keep the standard and build enabling environment because what discourages people from coming home is the lack of infrastructure. If we can create that it will be easier to give them a soft landing.”

On the challenges encountered in setting up the hospital in Nigeria, the cardiologist, said: “The culture needs to change. I can tell you that people are not committed. The work ethics are terrible; people expect to be paid without performing. We opened and started training on customer service, how to give quality service, how to live on values, teamwork, accountability and transparency. There is a lot of fraud here. People want to cheat you but it does not take you anywhere.


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PHOTOS: See how Tamale welcomed Fancy Gadam home after winning Best New Artist Wed, 12 Apr 2017 20:57:37 +0000 Fancy Gadam, who won Best New Artiste at last weekend’s 2017 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards,  has arrived in his hometown of Tamale, to a hero’s welcome!

He was met at the Tamale Airport by hundreds of people who praised him for making the city proud. Gadam beat Medikal, Nii Funny, Article Wan, Feli Nuna, Ebony, Rudebowy Ranking and Eugy to the coveted award.

Underlining his status as a star, Gadam was guarded by military personnel as he made his way into town from the airport. He also presented his award to elders at Tamale, who lauded him for what they said was his phenomenal showing. The 18th edition of the awards scheme was held at the Accra International Conference Center on Saturday.


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6 Amazing Benefits Of Mangoes Fri, 24 Mar 2017 12:28:03 +0000 Mangoes generally offer a myriad of skin benefits for the skin, hair, body etc. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 6 amazing benefits mangoes, the king of fruits.

Enhances Skin Health
Mangoes are rich in beta-carotene and Vitamin A. Beta-carotene is a photo-protective agent that helps quench photochemical reactions in the epidermis, which protects the skin from ultraviolet rays. The Vitamin A in mangoes has also been found to reduce oil production in the skin which helps to combat acne and dark spots. Both the beta-carotene and vitamin A help to resurrect dead skin and make radiant and luminous. Eating mangoes as well as smearing some mango pulp on your face and leaving on for about 30 minutes will do wonders for your skin.

Gives a Fairer Skin Tone
A mixture of mango pulp and milk cream, when applied on the face for about 30 minutes, can make the skin fairer and spotless. Mango peels can also be dried in the sun and ground to powder, before being mixed with milk powder and a little water to form a sort of home-made fairness mask to give a fairer skin tone and spotless complexion.

Helps with Diabetes
The fruit is known to control blood sugar levels and normalize insulin levels in the blood. For this reason, diabetics can gain benefits from eating this fruit.

Improves Digestion
Mangoes are rich in fiber which help to prevent constipation and keeps one full for long. These fibers also helps to keep the colon clean and allows it work optimally thereby aiding digestion. Mangoes also contain certain digestive enzymes that breakdown proteins and aid digestions.

Great for the Hair
Mangoes are rich in vitamin C and help promote collagen production for healthy hair. Also due to the presence of vitamin A (which has scalp conditioning properties) and beta-carotene in mangoes, the fruits help to nourish the hair and treat dandruff. You can mix mango with yoghurt and egg yolk or banana and coconut oil to make a kind of mango conditioner for your hair.

Great for Pregnancy
Mangoes are extremely useful for women during pregnancy because they are loaded with plenty iron and folic acid which help to prevent anemia and keep the unborn baby healthy and happy. The fruit is mainly helpful for pregnant women suffering from iron deficiency.

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