Check Out The One Thing Efya Desires In Life

Efya who has always indicated that she’s single, in an interview on Class FM’s ‘E on Class’ with Natalia, stated that she has the desire to give birth and have a family.

efya ghana

According to her, she believes in family and hopes to be a great mother in future. She, however, indicated that she isn’t ready at the moment but when she is, she’ll drop the baby like she drops her singles.

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When asked if she’ll get married, Efya responded by saying that she doesn’t know. The “Little Things” singer indicated that marriage is not something she’s thought about and it’s not really on her mind because for now, she’s only focusing on her career.


Anyway, for the guys, we have good news and bad news. The good news is that Efya is still single, the bad news is that she’s not searching.

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