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Chris Attoh breaks silence on divorce rumuor

Ghanaian film actor, director and presenter, Chris Attoh at last broke silence on issue related to his divorce.

Recently, it was rumoured that Chris and his Nigerian wife Damilola Adegbite, also an actress, had separated.

When asked if the rumour was true, the celebrated actor declined to answer but rather said both Damilola and their child were doing well.

According to the veteran actor, fusing up work and family responsibilities together as a professional actor can be quite frustrating because he finds himself in different parts of the world shooting movies all in the aim to put bread on the table to feed his family.

He added that, it is a very challenging situation hence the reason most wives becomes angry at their husbands since there is no joy at home when the husband isn’t around.

It is with this that he said; they as a couple have made some adjustments which are very necessary to put the marriage in shape.

“When you’re a professional actor, you’re in South Africa, USA, Nigerian, Sweden, shooting movies. It’s demanding to be travelling here and there. I am a daddy and there is no joy when daddy is not home…

“As a dad, it’s challenging enough to make any woman miss her man and that’s what happened but we have made some adjustments as necessary and there is nothing to worry about…” he told KMJ on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM.

He further urged his fans and loved ones not to worry about the rumors but debunk them as soon as practicable.

“I love Ghana and it feels good to be back home and so Ghanaians should forget about the rumour” he said.

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