Evelyn Aboagye the pepper victim says she will not accept an apology from Marwako Restaurants

The Marwako staff whose face was splashed with pepper Evelyn Boakye has rejected an apology from her boss Jihad Chaaban .

“I wish very sincerely to personally apologise to you for the incident on the night of 26 February 2017 at our Ablenkpe place of work,” Mr. Chaaban, who assaulted her, said in an apology letter dated March 5, 2017.

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He added: “True to God, all I sought to do was to point you to something I found wrong. I admit I was angry a bit at the moment and saw you panic and accidentally resulting in the pepper splashing onto your face. …I very sincerely regret the incident and apologise to you.”

However, Boakye said she is going to press until justice is delivered.

“I cannot accept the apology because if the police had not come in, the matter would have been a ‘foolish’ case,” Boakye told Accra FM on Monday.
She added: “I was told by one Ali (also a worker there) that I was not the first person to have experienced this treatment at the place, and that even those handling the chicken also experienced same treatment. He suggested to me that we come together to use this incident to extort money from Chaaban but I said no, I wanted justice.

“Because I rejected that ploy, my co-workers have all turned against me and so I cannot accept the apology. I know God will deal with this matter.”

The restaurant has since condemned Chaaban’s act as the police takes up the issue.

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