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I Will Still Have Firm Boobs At My Old Age Says Ebony Reigns

Fast rising female Dancehall diva Ebony Reigns has disclosed that sagging breasts will not be an issue for her when old age catches up with her.

The ‘Poison’ singer, who believes her ‘firm’ breasts serves as a “package” in the music industry said she’s ready to make sure it works to her advantage.

In a trailer which showed Ebony in an interview with Delay on The Delay Show, the ace show host queried the 20-year-old what she will do when she loses all the fibre in her breasts when she grows old.

Ebony laughed and said “oh yeah, come what may, I will just keep it intact.” Sagging breasts, also known as ptosis, occurs when the elasticity skin of the breast is put under pressure from vigorous exercise or the weight of the breast itself.

According to an article published by the Division of Plastic Surgery in the University of Kentucky, Lexington, a single cause does not cause breast sagging.

Weight loss, smoking, large breasts and pregnancy are all possible causes of ptosis.

Below is the snippet of the interview.

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