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“It was a joke when I said Bisa Kdei slept with another musicians WIFE” Kani Gloria

Bisa Kdei after his European tour, was accused of making love to another musicians wife.

In a video which went viral, a lady who according to sources, is an upcoming actress recorded a video and said all sort of inhumanly acts against the Bisa Kdei brand.

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However, management of the high life artiste and fans of Bisa Kdei, who have tagged themselves Konnect seemed unhappy about the video and Bisa Kdei on series of media platforms has threatened to hand over the issue to their legal team.

Reliable information reaching us shows that, the legal team after taking the video to work on, just received another video from the so called actress, and this time, apologising and showing regret for attacking the brand.

According to her, she is that comic type who loves to joke around with celebrities but attacking Bisa Kdei was a huge mistake one could ever do and has regret for doing that in the first place ā€” to her, all what she said concerning Bisa Kdei is false, and asks fans to forgive her for making such allegations.

The lady who just put herself in a huge mess, for attacking the Bisa Kdei brand goes by the name Kani Gloria.

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