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Man Arrested for Shoving an Employees face in blended pepper – Marwako Restaurant

A Lebanese national, who is a Supervisor at the Abelemkpe branch of the Marwako Restaurant, is in the grips of the Police for allegedly assaulting a 25-year-old employee.

Jihad Chaaban, is said to have grabbed the head of the lady and dipped her face in blended pepper.

Jihad is also alleged to have subsequently locked her up with the burning and hurting eyes, preventing the other worried colleagues from helping her.

The lady, whose name has been withheld in an interview with Citi News , said she did not do anything wrong to provoke the attack.

“I went to work on Sunday, and while working, one of my supervisors told me to go and blend fresh pepper. So I was blending the fresh pepper and one of the white men came out and started saying that I will spoil the blender. He asked if I couldn’t see that the blender was making noise, and I told him I was blending fresh pepper”, he said.

Narrating the incident, she stated that, “he took the blender and poured the pepper out, and put my face into the blender and the pepper entered my eyes so I washed my face and the situation worsened”.

She added that, the managers of the facility prevented her from going home after the incident “so that I wouldn’t report the case”.

Confirming the incident to Citi News , the Public Relations Officer of the Accra Regional Police Command, ASP Effia Tenge, said Jihad has been arrested and granted a police enquiry bail as investigations continue.

She also added that, the victim has been given some medical forms to seek medical treatment.

“She says she went to work and was asked to blend some pepper and in the process she realized the blender had developed a fault so in the process to get the blender to work, all she realized was that her supervisor one Jihad, started shouting at her and poured the content of the blender on the table and pushed her head into it and some of the content went into her eyes, and after that she was locked in a room for some hours and released after 10:00pm”, she said.#

Workplace abuse in Ghana by both foreign and local employees is common, because they often go unpunished.

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