#BoycottMarwako – Management of Marwako issue press statement SUSPENDING Abusive manager of Abelenkpe branch

The victim, Evelyn Boakye, whose face was allegedly rubbed in the blended pepper for more than 10 minutes while Thaabn squeezed her neck

In the face of public uproar and disgust after news broke of a case of employee abuse by a branch manager of Marwako Fast Foods in Abelenkpe Accra, the management of the fast food chain have issued a statement condemning the alleged assault and stated their willingness to corporate with the police to investigate the matter.

This is not the first time a foreign supervisor has abused a Ghanaian employee in the line of duty.

This particular incident has elicited such emotional reaction from Ghanaians with some calling for the boycott of Marwako Fast Foods altogether with the hash tag #BoycottMarwako.

Others have called for the punishment of the individual involved in the case since a total boycott of the fast food chain will end up hurting the innocent suffering employees more than the abusive supervisor Jihad Chaaban.

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